More than half of our respondents 211 (66.6%) indicated affordability issues with mental health treatment. This points towards affordability being a pressing concern that needs to be discussed. 

The struggle to afford mental health treatment can pose as a huge obstacle for those who need to seek help, sometimes even delaying and preventing treatment all together.

23 (5.8%) of respondents indicated that they struggled with claiming Medishield Life and Medisave.

  • Respondent #122: “I paid over 10K total for inpatient care after deduction of Medisave and Medishield Life for the past two years. Had opted for Class B2 and C wards to save costs. This is not including the thousands spent on outpatient treatment, medication and therapy, all at public hospitals.“
  • Respondent #378: “More needs to be done to alleviate medical cost as most of the treatments there are not covered under the MediShield Integrated Scheme.”
  • Respondent #253: “Medisave limit for chronic illnesses was used up in less than half a year of outpatient treatment. “

7(1.8%) of respondents indicated their preference for free mental health screenings.

  • Respondent #77: “Make mental health care free for low-income families, especially since they tend to face the most competing pressures in their lives and so are most prone to chronic poor mental health.”
  • Respondent #166: “I was a full-time student without any jobs, and seeking professional help without my parents' support. So I avoided going to services where I needed to pay and only approached services which were offered for free.”